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Hmmm... what's this???

Updated: Jul 5

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have recently seen a story I posted about sending my computer for a 'check-up.' I made a joke about it being part of just procrastinating - avoiding doing any writing.

The truth is, at the time, that it had a little problem that became a larger problem which, luckily for me, could be fixed - but there was a long weekend, and parts to get...

After a week or so, my newly revamped computer returned to my desk and I spent a couple of hours going through files - checking that all the photos were there, setting up my emails again and finally making sure my manuscripts had not disappeared. (Note to self - to avoid the feeling of panic, do more backups!)

It was then that I found something, written a couple of years ago, that I had completely forgotten about. A prologue to a manuscript that I had started but for some reason had not continued with. (Well, I know the reason - the down side of being a fly by the seat of my pants writer is that not everything that starts finds its way to the end.)

One of the benefits of having a break before rereading some writing is that you can read it with fresh eyes, and with a cup of tea at the ready. It needed a bit of a tidy up, which I did, and then I put it to the side, still wondering what to do with it.

A few folders later I found a couple of chapters that I had written sometime during lockdown in 2020. Another forgotten blurt write. Like the prologue, I made some changes, saved it and continued, sorting a few things here and there, marvelling at how quick my new, old computer was working and thought nothing more about it.

Until... 5 am the next morning.

If you've read earlier blog posts, you know that I like to write early in the morning - with new ideas and characters just finding their way to the page. I don't plan it, don't over think it, just write what I picture in my mind.

But this time it's different.

The prologue and the first chapter - two abandoned blurts, two different ideas written months and months apart, seem to fit perfectly. This time, I'm writing differently - trying something new. And it's interesting.

Maybe this is the next phase of how I write. I've heard writers talk about how, over time, the way they write has altered as they learn more about their process, how they write. Maybe that's what is happening for me now.

I have been wondering why I haven't written much lately (and by 'lately' I mean the past twelve months). At first, I thought it might have been Covid and being in and out of lockdown for so long - turning my writing desk into my work desk. Maybe it was the distractions of working towards having Everything We Keep being published. And of course, the thought that I was just done as a writer.

So, for now, I'm going to just go with this new way of doing things - just like when Harper first appeared and I just went with that.

If you're interested, I've put the Prologue of

my so far unnamed, far from completed manuscript, on my website - Unpublished Project One, along with a couple of other projects. It's not perfect, and still needs some work (let alone the rest of the story) but it will give you an idea of where this new phase is starting - and, who knows, where this journey will take me this time.