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I surrender!

It is just not working - this new way of writing.

When I sit at my computer, I am torn between where to go to first. Do I work on the manuscript? Edit a previous chapter? Write the blog? Create a graphic for the post?

It's too much - and too confusing.

I am nine chapters in and feel like I haven't really been giving anything my real attention. And the truth is - I miss how I write.

There is something about the early morning start, being awake before the birds and just letting the story happen. It's winter - the heater is on, the dogs have relocated from their beds to the chair beside my desk, the house is quiet, and right now I am writing a blog post instead of Adelyn' story.

I haven't found another time of the day that I can write, focused on the story, without being distracted by the day to day stuff that happens, or too tired to think creatively.

So, I surrender.

This experiment has not worked for me. I can't just write 'whenever', I can't have too many things to think about and have the story in my head too.

What's going to happen to Adelyn?

I'm not sure.

At the moment we have just come out of a short lockdown - we are back at work, school, sport and all the other normal things we do. Hopefully, this will mean my writing desk will return to being just that and I can focus on Adelyn and see where it goes.

Until then, I have put the Prologue to Chapter 6 in one document to read (it was getting a bit much - all of the chapter buttons). And as I continue on, I will see where I get to and then add another few chapters.

Fingers crossed that this works - I really don't want to leave Adelyn where she is. I need a resolution for her and to find out how this all happened in the first place! I'm going back to what I know - but it was good trying something new.