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Project 1 Chapter 6

This is the chapter that sets the direction of the story.

This is where I'm in unchartered territory. In the past I have just gone with whatever happens. My writing has been character driven with little interference from me.

However I am now making a deliberate decision to take the story in a certain direction and I am not sure if I can do it.

For the past few years, I have been writing early in the morning, before the day has begun. With this experiment in writing I have told myself that I can write whenever I choose, whenever there is time. I have realised that it is not so easy - it's uncomfortable. This process is uncomfortable.

So here we are at Chapter 6. It's time to put a few things in place. A bit more of a picture of Stevi's parents and how they are as a family unit. A bit more of a layer to the trust between Adelyn and Stevi, and finally who is this person who has been hovering in the background?

I can tell you that I am pretty sure where this is going and what happens next. But as I was walking the dogs this morning, I was thinking about the plot that I have jotted down in my notebook and I'm not so convinced that I have it all sorted.

And I can tell you what has thrown me off - Stevi.

Some things are hard to shake and for me it's letting the character just say and do what they want. I am so focused on Adelyn and the plot that Stevi has had to just make her own way and there is something that Adelyn has said that gave me an idea this morning of the role Stevi is going to play.

Stevi might be the one who adds a twist or becomes central to the situation resolving itself - I'm not sure. As I continue on, focusing on Adelyn and the mystery person who is now, with the release of Chapter 6, no longer a mystery, let's just see where this goes. The plan in my notebook now has several question marks next to plot points.

Fingers crossed.