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Writing, Not Writing.

During the week, with lockdown restrictions lifted ever so slightly, it was a real treat to go out for breakfast with a friend. One of the upsides of being in lockdown for so long, is having a new appreciation for being able to go out! After catching up about what has been happening at work, with kids, projects that were achieved during lockdown came two questions.

'How's your writing going? What's happening with Ari?'

I'm in a phase I'm calling Writing, Not Writing. I'm not writing anything new - even my Adelyn project has ground to a halt.

I'm reading books about writing and trying some of the exercises they suggest to improve my writing skills. And I'm finally reading through the stack of novels I've gathered over the past year that I just haven't managed to get to.

So how is my writing going? Well... it's not.

Now to the second question - what's happening with Ari?

I hadn't thought about Ari for a while. It's a manuscript I wrote in 2019 and have made several revisions on it since. I had sent it to my breakfast buddy a while ago because I'd been thinking about using it to try out self-publishing and wanted some feedback. Thinking about - not doing anything about it.

'Nothing,' I said. 'Nothing's happening with Ari.'

'That's a shame. I really liked it.'

Yesterday a neighbour asked, 'How's your writing going?'

'It's not.'

Something needs to change - it's like I have just let this fog of not writing defeat me.

It was a chilly but sunny walk this morning. As the dogs found their favourite smelling points along the way, I kept thinking about Ari and my Writing Not Writing phase.

Here are my excuses for not writing:

- Covid

- Lockdowns

- My writing space is now my workspace

- My keyboard spacebar no longer works - and that is really frustrating

- The dogs like walking early, now that I am home all the time

- I really should garden

- There is a stack of books to read

- It's too noisy

- It's too quiet...

You get the idea.

I am not a believer that to be a real writer you need to write every day. I know that is often said but... well, I not sold on it. But I should be doing some writing.

So, I'm going to take those two questions - What' happening with Ari? and How's your writing going? - and find some motivation to get going again.

I've started today with this blog post and I'm going to add the first three chapters of Ari to my website - the Unpublished section. (Just a heads up - the quote at the start won't mean anything really until you get to chapter none or so - you are going to have to wait until I self publish to find that out.) Then I am going to reread it aloud, the whole manuscript and make some changes, before moving on to Adelyn's story and keep going. I'm going to force myself out of this Writing Not Writing phase.

But first, I might just go and see what the dogs are barking at, then maybe I should get a new keyboard, and while I'm at it my study needs a tidy, and then I need to do some gardening, after all it is a beautiful spring day... Writing Not Writing.