I am trying something new with how I write. Here you will find some projects I am working on - some new, some that I had started then stopped, some nearly complete. If you pop back from time to time you may find I have added updates or something new!

If you have a chance to read my projects, get in touch and let me know your thoughts.

And remember - these are drafts!

Project One - Adelyn

Black and White Traffic

While tidying up some folders, I discovered a forgotten Prologue, possibly written two years ago and a couple of chapters from another idea. Then I had an idea to pair them together. I was adding each chapter here as I wrote, now with a few done I have joined them together - you can read them by clicking on the link below.

And if you are interested in the writing process, I have a blog post about  the writing of each chapter.

For ages 10+

Project Two - Buttons McBray

And now for something completely different - something fun for those readers who are starting chapter books and enjoy the beach!

The Adventures of Buttons McBray - and it has a map!

For ages 7+


Project Three - Saving Charli

This manuscript is complete - well, nearly - I just keep changing a few things here and there. This is by far the most worked manuscript I have written - I just didn't think it was going to ever get there. Here's a snippet of Part 1 - Charli doesn't realise it yet, but she will need saving.

For ages 10+