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Di Walker

I like to get up early to write, around dawn. The house is quiet and my mind can focus on the characters and not be distracted by the regular happenings of the day.

When a story starts in my mind, it's like I'm watching a movie and I just need to write it down. I write a chapter a day and as I'm writing, I have no idea what is going to happen or when the story will end. 

Sometimes our dogs appear in my writing - which is a bit of fun. If you have read Unpacking Harper Holt then you may remember the names of Eve's brothers, for example.

Unpacking Harper Holt was my debut novel, released in September, 2018. ​

My second novel, Every Thing We Keep, was released in April 2021 by Scholastic Australia with the revised edition to be released in June 2022.

My next book, Saving Charli, was released by Scholastic Australia, in July 2023.

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