About Me

For a long time, I've lived in a small regional town in Victoria, Australia, which is still close enough to Melbourne for a day trip. I live with my son, and our rescue dog - Ruby.

I like to get up early to write, around dawn. The house is quiet and my mind can focus on the characters and not be distracted by the regular happenings of the day.

When I'm not writing I like to think I can garden, I'll walk Ruby or listen to podcasts, mainly of writers talking about writing. 

Recently I started writing a blog - about my experiences of writing and getting published. 

If you have a question about writing, use the Get In Touch form and if I have an answer I'll put it in a post!

Unpacking Harper Holt was my debut novel, released in September, 2018. ​

My second novel Everything We Keep, was released in April 2021 by Scholastic Australia.

ruby rouge Black Friday.png
ruby rouge Black Friday.png